A Youtuber That Can’t Afford a Camera

Before I immediately make an enemy of every hardcore blogger, I’d like to clarify: I do not think Youtube is better. Sorry, I can just see that title hugely backfiring on me already. I can’t come up with a wittier one though, so I guess we’re riding this one out.

So in essence, yes, I am a Youtuber without a camera. My hobbies include having strong opinions and talking to myself (sometimes it’s even comedic, I think). However, I am also a writer with writer’s block. Writing is my passion, but I’m having trouble settling down with an idea and actually finishing it, you know? Maybe you don’t. Whatever. Point being, I like something that combines these two pastimes; aimlessly writing and expressing my needless opinions. Hence, blogging.

On an unrelated note, I’m also way too bad at having consistent make-up quality to vlog. It’s a hard life.

*someone yells for me to “get to the goddamn point”* *ducks vase* Sorry, sorry! That’s another thing; I tend to go off on rambling tangents. ‘Fraid you’ll have to get used to that.

If you’re presently unsure how much I annoy you, let me give you just a basic idea of what things I will be doing here: discussing my various opinions; sharing various tips (primarily for weight loss and anxiety); recommending shows/films/books/etc and explaining why; and plugging my own writings (once I finish some, shush). If that sounds good to you, then awesome, and if not, thanks for giving me however long it took you to read this.

I’ll admit: I know this was kind of pointless. I feel like even the best things in life start out with something awkward and rambled. Then again, so do the worst. We’ll see.

~ MusicRocks807 xxx


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