“Happy Birthday, My Dear”

I wish you a happy birthday my dear
But let me say before we all begin
Relax, you have nothing you need fear.

The longest friend will be the first one here
She will present your present with a grin.
I wish you a happy birthday my dear.

All at once the rest will start to appear.
One will offer a drink spiked with gin
But relax, you have nothing to fear.

They will eat their food and sip at their beer.
Two will argue; you know who will win.
I wish you a happy birthday my dear.

Yes you will be scared, fighting each tear
Until he sets his warm hand on your skin.
You relax. You have nothing to fear.

Then, come the night as they disappear
Something like love will bubble up within.
So I wish you a happy birthday dear
Now relax, you have nothing to fear.

Note: All mid-line punctuation indicates a beat.

Happy 17th to me 😊

“Welcome” – OR – My Stupid Idea

Welcome to my story
Welcome to my space
Welcome to my narrative
Let me find your place

The story’s one of sadness
But also hope and joy
With a surplus of dogged love
Be it to girl or boy

Now things may not filtered
Or censored as they “should”
But I won’t hide an inch of me
I wouldn’t if I could

Welcome to my story
Be it formed in rhyme
I hope that you enjoy my voice
And thank you for your time

“Since when do you do poetry on here?” I know, I know, just hear me out.

For my Creative Writing coursework last month, I ended up doing poetry, and now… I’ve kind of just got the bug for it. But I was writing all these poems with nothing to use them for, so I thought hey, why not do a weekly poem? I have no idea how this will work but I really want to try it, so I hope you don’t mind.

Thanks! ~MusicRocks807