“I Will Not Say ‘I Love You’.”

I will not say “I love you”.
Instead I will ask how you are.
Make sure you do not leave your keys;
Ask that you stay safe in your car.

I will not say “I love you”.
We will go out tonight for tea.
Then I will grant you time to work
And plan for next time we are free.

I will not say “I love you”.
I will tell you you’re being daft.
Say something you will find funny
Because I want to hear your laugh.

So though I will say many things,
I will not say I love you.
But as you take me by the hand,
It strikes me that really, I do.

For clarification to anyone who reads a lot of my stuff on here: I’m currently in a happy relationship. I did however go through a (calm) break-up recently, which is why I have so much break-up poetry. Just to avoid confusion :’)

“Love We Carry”

My first was tall and blessed with her figure
The cigarette curling smoke from her lips
And the smirk behind the bottle she tips
Unaware of how she held the trigger.
As for my second, his heart was bigger
Too sweet for more than the littlest sips
Both too soft to adapt to simple dips
Actions rushed with far too much vigour.

I loved them both, and to this day still do
Though all along I saw the coming end.
No regrets linger; there’s nothing I rue
For each love lost gained me a friend.
I am lucky to know feelings so true
And surely with time, my heart will mend.

❤ Never regret loving someone ❤