“You’re A Fool” (FMAB; Lingfan)

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I don’t own but highly recommend. And yes, I’m literally posting fanfiction here now, blatantly. Lingfan are adorable, and Greed is the best.

“You’re a fool,” he says, and he’s not incorrect.
Her mind is scarred and her body is wrecked,
But she needed to save the Young Lord from harm.
Only she is to blame for the loss of her arm.

“You’re a fool,” she says, and she’s not incorrect.
Blinded by avarice, he chose the prospect
Of evil, in the hopes he could still lead
A country while living in the shadow of Greed.

They’re both fools, he thinks, but he’s incorrect;
They’re driven by loyalty and the deepest respect.
And though they’re irrational, separated by power,
Their hearts will stay connected in their darkest hour.


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