“It’s Your Life”

Your life is yours, You can love it or hate it. When you see a chance You can leave it or take it. History will unfold Whether you watch or make it. The person you are; You can flaunt it or fake it, But a mask always slips And one day you'll break it. Each … Continue reading “It’s Your Life”


Freewriting #2

Everything had changed so fast. First, she had been a stranger; a pretty face with cool hair and a nice laugh that echoed across the skatepark. Soon, she became a friend, someone to text about that week's homework. Then came closeness, emojis on her phone contact and secrets shared in the early hours. Had she … Continue reading Freewriting #2

Bulimia Recovery: What People Don’t Consider

So before I begin, I'm going to throw a trigger warning out there, because honestly this is a touchy subject and it can't hurt to make sure. I'm going to try not to be too graphic or specific with any of the details, but there will inevitably be mentions of bingeing and gagging, as I … Continue reading Bulimia Recovery: What People Don’t Consider

“Connie’s Lament” (SU Fanfiction)

In this story, you are the protagonist, Fighting tooth, nail, shield to bring justice. A hero riddled with hang-ups and hope, Determined to fight but struggling to cope Alone; but you're not, for I'm here with you. Whatever you need from me, I will do. I'm only a human, but I'll make that enough. I'll … Continue reading “Connie’s Lament” (SU Fanfiction)