“Connie’s Lament” (SU Fanfiction)

In this story, you are the protagonist,
Fighting tooth, nail, shield to bring justice.
A hero riddled with hang-ups and hope,
Determined to fight but struggling to cope
Alone; but you’re not, for I’m here with you.
Whatever you need from me, I will do.

I’m only a human, but I’ll make that enough.
I’ll learn to defend you, I’ll learn to be tough.
Though I haven’t been chosen, I can still be of use;
I can be your reprieve from Fate’s cruel abuse.

Please let me in, let me understand
The scars on your skin and the blood on your hands.
Sometimes your pacifism just won’t hold up,
But I need you to know we won’t think you corrupt.
We know you must take whatever action’s required.
Sit with me a moment; you look awfully tired.

Those people that haunt you, what happened to them?
I see you falling apart but I can’t find the stem
Of the problem, no matter how hard I try,
But if it’s all I can offer, take my shoulder to cry.
You are my leader and I’ll always follow,
And when your heart feels numb and hollow
I will try to guide you in your quest,
Then step down when you have had your rest.

I’m here because I love you, you see
And I’m proud of all you’ve grown to be.
You’ve a wonderful heart, regardless of flaws;
I believe in you as well as your cause.
You have your “magical destiny”, that much is true,
But why won’t you just let me do this for you?

Steven got an angsty song on a clifftop, so I’m giving Connie an angsty-ish poem. I wrote this back when “Bloodstone” was talking down about Connie (I was so furious omg), but I tried to keep any spoilers out so it fits basically anywhere after ‘Mindful Education’. If you haven’t seen Steven Universe then I highly recommend it.


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