“Connie’s Lament” (SU Fanfiction)

In this story, you are the protagonist, Fighting tooth, nail, shield to bring justice. A hero riddled with hang-ups and hope, Determined to fight but struggling to cope Alone; but you're not, for I'm here with you. Whatever you need from me, I will do. I'm only a human, but I'll make that enough. I'll … Continue reading “Connie’s Lament” (SU Fanfiction)


“You’re A Fool” (FMAB; Lingfan)

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I don't own but highly recommend. And yes, I'm literally posting fanfiction here now, blatantly. Lingfan are adorable, and Greed is the best. "You're a fool," he says, and he's not incorrect. Her mind is scarred and her body is wrecked, But she needed to save the Young … Continue reading “You’re A Fool” (FMAB; Lingfan)