The Poppy (In Honour of Remembrance Day)

He looked around him and everyone was bleeding. Small buttons of black, clean little bullet holes, decorated the shirts of men he had never before acknowledged as the friends they were, in this moment of unity. Crimson encircled the wounds, seeping out into perfect curves against the cloth. He lay a hand to his own … Continue reading The Poppy (In Honour of Remembrance Day)


Freewriting #4 (Closed Doors)

At the very end of the hall, past miles of panelled-wood walls and shaggy carpeting, stood a narrow door. It looked unassuming enough; a little rusty at the hinges, a few chips in the varnish, but nothing sinister. The only thing that appeared slightly off was the semicircle of discolouring in the carpet in front … Continue reading Freewriting #4 (Closed Doors)