The Myth of Perfect Relationships

I, like everyone else in my generation, grew up on the idea of what I’ll call The Disney Relationship. Perfect girl meets perfect guy, they fall in love at first sight, they have one significant rough patch in their relationship, and then they live happily ever after, most likely with kids. Now in reality, I … Continue reading The Myth of Perfect Relationships


Dear Diary

I have a very long history with diaries. Whether it's the traditional little padlocked ones you always lose the key to, a big journal full of doodles and bullet points, or a good old notebook of scribbles, I just love them. There’s actually a dusty little box in my dad’s house with every diary I’ve … Continue reading Dear Diary

Bulimia Recovery: What People Don’t Consider

So before I begin, I'm going to throw a trigger warning out there, because honestly this is a touchy subject and it can't hurt to make sure. I'm going to try not to be too graphic or specific with any of the details, but there will inevitably be mentions of bingeing and gagging, as I … Continue reading Bulimia Recovery: What People Don’t Consider