Hair-Cutting Adventures

The last time I had my hair short, I was fourteen years old. It was the day of my friend’s birthday party, and I was excited to surprise everyone when I turned up at the bowling alley with my new haircut. I was also, though I did not know it, on the cusp of an … Continue reading Hair-Cutting Adventures


I Like Food

I like food. I'm remembering it's okay to say that. I like homemade cheese on toast, when you drastically overestimate how much cheese you need and end up thoroughly coating the bread. When it isn't even fully toasted because you were so eager to eat it, but it has just enough crunch to be satisfying. … Continue reading I Like Food

Bulimia Recovery: What People Don’t Consider

So before I begin, I'm going to throw a trigger warning out there, because honestly this is a touchy subject and it can't hurt to make sure. I'm going to try not to be too graphic or specific with any of the details, but there will inevitably be mentions of bingeing and gagging, as I … Continue reading Bulimia Recovery: What People Don’t Consider