“Party Camaraderie”

Neigbour seats, few cans. Grab me by the hand, We’ll laugh like we’re gold comedians. Every day we fight But now it’s alright, And I’ll take that as the median. You call me “honey”. Snake smile? Yeah, maybe But we’re good when we’re under the lights. Are we friends? Don’t know But you’ll sing J-Lo, … Continue reading “Party Camaraderie”


“Heartbreaks and Headaches”

There’s nothing to see in the mirror But a sliver of moonlight in the black. It bends and it twists and it shimmers And I think, “why can’t I float like that?” The seatbelt secures me, a tether, But my heart beats too tight in my chest. I am much worse than “under the weather” … Continue reading “Heartbreaks and Headaches”

“Come In From The Snow”

Sharp bell, dead of the night. You're pulling your coat tight; Got Rudolph's nose, Frostbitten toes, Oh, come in from the snow. A sliver of moonlight. The world blanketed white. It coats the row, Will only grow, So come in from the snow. Storm reaching a new height, Saplings buckled by might; Caught in the … Continue reading “Come In From The Snow”