“You’re A Fool” (FMAB; Lingfan)

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I don’t own but highly recommend. And yes, I’m literally posting fanfiction here now, blatantly. Lingfan are adorable, and Greed is the best.

“You’re a fool,” he says, and he’s not incorrect.
Her mind is scarred and her body is wrecked,
But she needed to save the Young Lord from harm.
Only she is to blame for the loss of her arm.

“You’re a fool,” she says, and she’s not incorrect.
Blinded by avarice, he chose the prospect
Of evil, in the hopes he could still lead
A country while living in the shadow of Greed.

They’re both fools, he thinks, but he’s incorrect;
They’re driven by loyalty and the deepest respect.
And though they’re irrational, separated by power,
Their hearts will stay connected in their darkest hour.

“Pinhole Glasses”

I remember your chair in the corner
And the times that I sat on your knee.
I remember you were such a hoarder
And that you always spilled your cup of tea.
I remember that I never knew your age
Though that luxury, few can claim,
For instead of protecting the page,
You set your birth certificate aflame!
I remember it was Elvis you hailed
“He’s still alive, you know” you’d scoff.
I remember how you picked at your nails
Even though she used to tell you off.
I remember your wicked sense of humour
Like the bloody, rusted nail through your thumb.
The innocence you would feign to your accuser
Then, “hey Garrick, can you fetch your mum?”
I remember you wore pinhole glasses
Because you thought they improved eyesight,
And that you tried to preach them to the masses
Although any concieved difference would be slight.
I remember how much you always loved me –
In fact, how much I know you love us all.
And I know for a fact, up there you see
Every spontaneous trip and fall.

A few weeks ago, my family experienced the first major, close death it has had in my lifetime. I’m aware this poem includes a lot of inside jokes and references, but it was written raw and it felt wrong to edit it. It’s being posted out of respect and closure, I suppose.

I love you Granddad, rest in peace ❤

“The World’s Greatest Cake”

Take a quarter pound of sunshine
Add half a cup of love
Pour in all the laughter you can fit
Until it’s full enough.

Now three tablespoons of heartbreak
And a sprinkle of life’s trials
With a fresh pint of salty tears
But twice as many smiles.

I’m baking a cake for me
And I’m using a new recipe.
It’ll taste so nice
And I won’t think twice
Because it’s all calorie-free.

Stir it up until it’s doughy,
And sing yourself a tune.
Then into the oven, it goes top shelf.
Feel free to lick the spoon.

I’m baking a cake for me
And I’m using a new recipe.
It’ll taste so nice
And I won’t think twice
Because it’s all calorie-free.

Take it out when it’s golden brown.
Set it on the cooling tray.
Decorate with all the joy you please.
And remember, you’re okay.

You’re baking a cake, you see
With this brand new recipe.
Don’t think twice
Just enjoy life
Because it’s calorie-free.

We’re all baking this cake, you see
But each using our own recipe.
They all taste nice
So don’t think twice
Because this cake’s calorie-free.

Is this a poem or lyrics? Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s going under both for now :’) If any of you know Dodie Clark, she’s why my poems are starting to sound like songs.

Also, I’m aware this is delayed; I’ve had a lot more than three tablespoons of heartbreak in my life recently,  but we’re moving forward so it’s okay 🙂 Should be back on schedule now.

“I Will Not Say ‘I Love You’.”

I will not say “I love you”.
Instead I will ask how you are.
Make sure you do not leave your keys;
Ask that you stay safe in your car.

I will not say “I love you”.
We will go out tonight for tea.
Then I will grant you time to work
And plan for next time we are free.

I will not say “I love you”.
I will tell you you’re being daft.
Say something you will find funny
Because I want to hear your laugh.

So though I will say many things,
I will not say I love you.
But as you take me by the hand,
It strikes me that really, I do.

For clarification to anyone who reads a lot of my stuff on here: I’m currently in a happy relationship. I did however go through a (calm) break-up recently, which is why I have so much break-up poetry. Just to avoid confusion :’)

“Love We Carry”

My first was tall and blessed with her figure
The cigarette curling smoke from her lips
And the smirk behind the bottle she tips
Unaware of how she held the trigger.
As for my second, his heart was bigger
Too sweet for more than the littlest sips
Both too soft to adapt to simple dips
Actions rushed with far too much vigour.

I loved them both, and to this day still do
Though all along I saw the coming end.
No regrets linger; there’s nothing I rue
For each love lost gained me a friend.
I am lucky to know feelings so true
And surely with time, my heart will mend.

❤ Never regret loving someone ❤

“Happy Birthday, My Dear”

I wish you a happy birthday my dear
But let me say before we all begin
Relax, you have nothing you need fear.

The longest friend will be the first one here
She will present your present with a grin.
I wish you a happy birthday my dear.

All at once the rest will start to appear.
One will offer a drink spiked with gin
But relax, you have nothing to fear.

They will eat their food and sip at their beer.
Two will argue; you know who will win.
I wish you a happy birthday my dear.

Yes you will be scared, fighting each tear
Until he sets his warm hand on your skin.
You relax. You have nothing to fear.

Then, come the night as they disappear
Something like love will bubble up within.
So I wish you a happy birthday dear
Now relax, you have nothing to fear.

Note: All mid-line punctuation indicates a beat.

Happy 17th to me 😊

“Welcome” – OR – My Stupid Idea

Welcome to my story
Welcome to my space
Welcome to my narrative
Let me find your place

The story’s one of sadness
But also hope and joy
With a surplus of dogged love
Be it to girl or boy

Now things may not filtered
Or censored as they “should”
But I won’t hide an inch of me
I wouldn’t if I could

Welcome to my story
Be it formed in rhyme
I hope that you enjoy my voice
And thank you for your time

“Since when do you do poetry on here?” I know, I know, just hear me out.

For my Creative Writing coursework last month, I ended up doing poetry, and now… I’ve kind of just got the bug for it. But I was writing all these poems with nothing to use them for, so I thought hey, why not do a weekly poem? I have no idea how this will work but I really want to try it, so I hope you don’t mind.

Thanks! ~MusicRocks807